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Pharmacy Resident-Newark, DE

at Walgreens

Posted: 10/16/2015
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 311950

Job Description

The Pharmacy Resident is appointed to a 12 month structured employment program to assist in the provision of safe and appropriate pharmacy patient care and support services in accordance with Option Care policies and procedures, state regulations, professional standards, and other regulatory requirements. At the Corporate office or remotely, the Pharmacy Resident assists in the on-going support of field clinical services, and supervises the Drug Information Service. At the field office, the Pharmacy Resident participates in all aspects of medication compounding, coordination of patient services, and monitors patient progress toward goals. The Pharmacy Resident assists in the preparation, packing and delivery of products and services to Option Care patients. The pharmacy resident will apply the skills developed during the residency with increasing level of independence in the care of patients and support of other clinical practice initiatives.



Additional Responsibilities Include:

  • Provides clinical operations support to locations, including ongoing review and update of policies, in the areas of therapeutics, drug information, professional practice, policy interpretation, clinical procedures, accreditation issues, and any other aspects related to the provision of patient care.
  • Supervises and directs pharmacy students, interns and/or externs, including monitoring their work, educating and training them and providing guidance when needed. Provides medication-use education to Option Care staff, other professionals, home care patients and/or their caregivers using effective patient education techniques and counseling.
  • Contacts patients and/or caregivers to schedule a delivery and determine supply needs. Picks and packs medical supplies and medications to fill patient orders and confirms delivery tickets after delivery or shipment. Accurately prepares and dispenses medication and/or products in the computer system to generate a delivery ticket using appropriate techniques and following Option Care policies and procedures.  
  • Follows all Chapter USP 797, ASHP Compounding Guidelines and ACHC Standards during dispensing, preparing, compounding and delivery of medications and sterile preparation. Prepares medications so they are appropriately concentrated, without incompatibilities, stable, and appropriately stored. Inspects the final medication before dispensing by ensuring that a licensed pharmacist properly checks all compounded products and medical supplies. Ensures the accuracy of perpetual inventory systems for schedule II narcotics, controlled substances and other medications subject to diversion.
  • Assesses patients' suitability for home care in accordance with Option Care policies after collecting all patient-specific information. Ensures that medical conditions and prescribed medication therapies are suitable for home care services. Verifies that each prognosis has clearly defined outcomes and goals.
  • Assists in the design, recommendation, monitoring and evaluation and modification of patient-specific pharmacy care plans for the pharmacotherapy of home care patients. Collects and organizes patient-specific information needed to prevent, detect, and resolve medication-related problems and to make appropriate medication therapy recommendations.  
  • Assists in the assurance of continuity in pharmaceutical care to and from the home and other patient-care settings. Uses a systematic procedure to communicate pertinent patient information to and from the home and other patient-care settings. Ensures accurate, safe and timely delivery of medications and supplies.
  • Provides concise, applicable, and timely responses to requests for drug information from health care providers and home care patients by formulating responses to drug information requests based on analysis of the literature. Participates in the process for assessing, managing and reporting medication-related incidents and equipment error or failures. Participates actively and positively on at least one committee. Accurately completes QAR forms and forwards them to the supervising pharmacist.
  • Assists with product purchasing, inventory and equipment management. Orders the correct drug products from the wholesaler or supplier, if requested. Verifies accuracy and pricing of products received. Complies with purchasing formulary. Cleans and tests infusion pumps per policy and manufacturer recommendations and manages the equipment within the tracking software.
  • Completes all Residency rotation goals, outcomes, and objectives per ASHP Accredited PGY1 program in a timely manner and complies with accreditation, legal, regulatory, and safety requirements in all activities. Maintains confidentiality of patient and proprietary information. Participates in On-Call responsibilities and duties as assigned.


Basic Qualifications Include:

  • Graduate of an accredited school of pharmacy, eligible for pharmacist licensure within the first 60 days of residency.
  • Pharmacy Technician License or Certification preferred unless required by state as granted by the state Board of Pharmacy or nationally recognized certification agency.
  • Basic level skill in Microsoft Word (for example: opening a document, cutting, pasting and aligning text, selecting font type and size, changing margins and column width, sorting, inserting bullets, pictures and dates, using find and replace, undo, spell check, track changes, review pane and/or print functions).
  • Basic level skill in Microsoft Excel (for example: opening a workbook, inserting a row, selecting font style and size, formatting cells as currency, using copy, paste and save functions, aligning text, selecting cells, renaming a worksheet, inserting a column, selecting a chart style, inserting a worksheet, setting margins, selecting page orientation, using spell check and/or printing worksheets).
  • Basic skill level in Microsoft PowerPoint (for example: inserting, rearranging, hiding and deleting slides, navigating between slides, increasing list level, adding, centering and editing text, changing views, inserting a table or a note, moving objects, printing outline view and/or running a slide show).
  • Experience using time management skills such as prioritizing/organizing and tracking details and meeting deadlines of multiple projects with varying completion dates.
  • Experience building and maintaining relationships within a team.
  • Experience applying knowledge in pharmacokinetic principles and formulas, and assessing laboratory values.
  • Experience applying knowledge in basic patient management skills, clinical procedures and clinical documentation systems.
  • Knowledge of rules of Federal, state and local regulatory entities that oversee and control the provision and documentation of home health care services.
  • Willing to travel at least 10% of the time for business purposes (within state and out of state).


Preferred Qualifications Include:

  • Completed home infusion externship (minimum 4 weeks).
  • Experience as a hospital or home infusion pharmacy technician.
  • Experience with and knowledge of sterile IV admixture procedures and Chapter USP 797.
  • Speaks knowledgeably of the scope of services that are available through Option Care.
  • Experience applying knowledge in the clinical management of home infusion patients as evidenced by documented previous work experiences.



Required Skills

Required Experience